Korrex 03 Troubleshooting Advice

We bought used “Korrex 03” 2 years ago but we have never used before, just a trial run.
Now we decided to use this machine but we can not switch on the machine.
We couldn’t detect whats wrong.
Could you help us about its electrical diagram or any important point that we have to focus on.

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  1. thomas gravemaker - December 16, 2019

    I get the impression that you already posted this question on the Drukwerk in de Marge website and that I already responded to your question. If I’m not completely mistaken, your press is an offset proof press and not a letterpress proof press. The company that manufactures Korrex presses, Max Simmel from Germany, is still in existence. Try contacting them directly or find a good electrician to look at your problems.

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