Bert Johnson

Graphics Designer, Screen Printer, Teacher. From Chicago, Illinois originally, I've been living in California since 1968. Currently own Vandercook Model 4 and a Showcard poster press.

Handi Lockup Bar Question

I just got a lockup bar. It is the early style, but I’m missing two pieces the internal pin that goes from the cam to the spring and the pin that aligns the sliding part of the bar. That part is broken. I’m looking for some dimensions and/or some picture of each of those parts.

Model 4 packing question

Hi, I have the press basically back together and I’m starting to get things reset so that I can start printing. Some quesitons on how to do a few things: 1. How can I determine the amount of packing needed on the roller [impression cylinder]. 2. inking rollers that are on the oscillating roller group …

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