Model 4 packing question


I have the press basically back together and I’m starting to get things reset so that I can start printing. Some quesitons on how to do a few things:

1. How can I determine the amount of packing needed on the roller [impression cylinder].

2. inking rollers that are on the oscillating roller group will only ink on the outside edges. The rubber rollers seem to be even diameter. What can I do to diagnose the fix for this?

3. How can I determine if the bed has been cut to allow for a galley tray?

4. Where can I economically get a type high gauge?

5. When rolling the print roller back to the beginning after reaching the end of the travel the roller wants to roll back towards the finished print end. Is this normal?

Everything else seems to to going well.


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Eric Holub
13 years ago

The last time I replaced one of these, the then newly-made springs from NA did not fit. The external dimensions were right, but the springmaker used thicker wire than the original, and so the spring could not be compressed enough to even fit in the area much less function correctly. I had to remove many coils from the spring to make it work. I hope the problem has been resolved.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Yes. It’s called the cylinder check on early models. From your description I thought you might not have a manual. The spring usually is broken in place. There needs be enough tension to hold the rear tie rod of the carriage.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

1. The amount of packing needed is determined by the cylinder undercut, (typically .040) and the thickness of the paper to be printed. For example:
    .010 Paper stock
    .007 Mylar Drawsheet
 +.030 Packing (.006″ tympan x 5)
.047 Total

2. If you mean the two small steel riders, then the rubber form rollers may be flared at the ends. Then diameter should be 2.5″

3. Place a type high sort or mounted illustration cut in the bed next to bed bearer. If cut is level with bearer, then it’s .918″ bed. Or a galley bed with bed plate in place. If sort or cut is lower then it’s a .968″ bed.

4. Buy a new one from NA Graphics. Used ones are likely worn flat.

5. Do you mean that the whole carriage moves slightly forward? If so you probably have a broken carriage latch spring. Look for the latch on the far side behind gear rack.

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