Duncan Dempster


Can someone tell me about the characteristics and specs of a “tindeck blanket,” the original packing specified for the impression cylinder of my No.2 Proof Press, according to the model description on the vandy site. Just curious, never having come across one. Thanks, Duncan Dempster Honolulu, Hawaii

cylinder gear tooth alignment

After reading the previous discussion about a misaligned cylinder causing the grippers to smash the form, I thought about the SP20 I’m currently going over (and on which we have not yet printed) and noted that when I received it, the gripper bar was not at 12 oclock when the cylinder was home at the …

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Feedboard Feedback

Ok, maybe not the most consequential Vandercook query, but this has been nagging at me. I’m currently fixing up my departments’ recently salvaged SP20 (serial #25595), and have noticed that the feed board is ungraduated along the slot which holds the edge guide (missing, of course). In contrast, my SP15 has the customary scale for …

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