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  1. Fritz Klinke - November 16, 2006

    Tindeck was a blanket material 1/32″ ( .031) thick made by the Tingue Brown Co. and it came in rolls. What the actual material was I haven’t found out yet. This company also made the “Improved Satisifaction Blanket” that was .025″ thick and that was specified for cylinders with a .070 undercut only, as found on the 320, as an example. Also specified was a “monocork 1/16” thick. All this came from the same company and I found it on print LM-16, Blanket, for the 320 press. Print is dated Apr. 30, 1930. And though “Tindeck” sounds like there was a metal backing or some such thing, it appears to be formed from the name of the company, Tingue. This material had a grain to it, and the blanket dimensions show that the grain was to run long on the 19×25 1/2 blanket. Interesting is that the one change made to this drawing is dated 9/26/63, after it had been made obsolete on 8/27/63. Even when made obsolete, Vandercook was changing things. The simple answer is that Tindeck was a flexible blanket material.

  2. The Arm NYC - November 14, 2006

    Dylan Fareed’s new galley height late model #14 Vandercook has a sort of thick canvas underblanket. It has a shirttail kind of like the Bar Plate die jackets. Could it be that this is what you are talking about?

  3. Paul Moxon, Moderator - November 13, 2006

    I’ve not seen any description of its material or reference to its thickness. It’s undoubtedly a hard material. Does your press have a deep cylinder undercut?

  4. Eric Holub - November 13, 2006

    I have one catalog offering the “Tindeck blanket” for the No. 2, the 32, etc.; a later catalog just refers to a “blanket” included with the same presses.
    The only 32 I’ve looked at had a heavy canvas underblanket, I think it was on its own reels. Smashed beyond repair, it was replaced with a rubber blanket. The point is to use something smooth, resilient, long-wearing.
    “Tindeck” may just refer to hard-wearing, not metallic (like canvas Filson Tin Pants).

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