Mystery Vandercook tympan clamp bar

I am trying to figure out what press this tympan clamp bar comes from. It doesn’t fint my SP-15, the Uni I has a slotted bar, and it is too short for the Uni III. Any ideas? It is 14 inches long, the outer pins are 11 1/2 inches on center, and the innermost two are 9 inches on center.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

7 thoughts on “What Vandercook does this clamp bar go to?”

  1. Hey Fritz,
    I think I’ll have to get a better picture. If you can see it this part has the notched in ends for prying it free from the tympan reel rod. The part you are speaking of has straight ends and has only the two locking pins on the reverse. These pins would be larger and also have a collar that would allow the part to stand off the face of the gripper bar studs.


  2. This is part of the assembly for holding the tapes on presses that have the paper tower assembly. It really has nothing to do with the tympan or impression cylinder except that it rides with the impression cylinder assembly as part of the paper tower. By the size, and without checking specific blueprints, I am assuming this was off a Universal I.

  3. The previous owner of my 325 was missing the clamp bar; his solution was to drill out the holes and tap them for screws, and put matching holes in a flat plate. It works, but is a bit more cumbersome than the original bar.
    I’d much prefer an underfed reel and no clamp bar. The only advantage I can see to the bar is if you have diecut tympan with the locating holes.

  4. Hi Daniel. I don’t know if this helps, but the clamp bar on my No. 4 is 12 1/2 inches long. The outer pins are 10 1/2 inches on center, and the inner pins are 4 3/4 inches on center. ~Barbara

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