Auto washup setup for Universal 1


I’m setting up the wash-up tray for my school’s Universal 1. I’m not sure of exactly where to place two rails that form the fixed support for the tray, and I’m also not sure if the moveable support for the tray has all the parts.

Also I have two long pieces of steel with triangular flanges that seem like they go with the press somewhere but I’m not sure, although one or both could go with an SP-15 that is no longer here.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

Th sheet metal pieces in the second photo could be part of the shelving or a back panel.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

I’ve cleaned a few trays and installed new blades, but haven’t disassembled the rails. It looks complete except for the handle and knob used to lift the tray so that the blade contacts the ink drum. I know that you’re in Chicago, there are several Universal Is that your can look at to compare: Columbia College, School of the Art Institute, Steracle Press, Dexterity Press and Bascule Press (very near UIC). Please send me the serial number on this one.

I will see my next Uni I in Maine on June 10, so if no one else comments I can check then.

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