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Today is the official deadline to have received participants prints for the centenary bundle. So far I’ve received 61 out of a projected 100. While it fell on a Sunday this year, August 16 was chosen because it is (was) the birthday of R.O. Vandercook.

Several participants have told me their prints are in the mail and will arrive in the coming week, a few have asked for more time to complete the task, and others have not communicated their intent. I will continue to post images of prints on the gallery page as they roll in and privately prod the procrastinators.

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Ray Nichols
14 years ago

My bundle came today. Some seriously wonderful pieces. I want to do this every year. What a nice addition to my collection of work from other letterpress shops.

Great job from everyone. Thanks for contributing and thanks for adding to our collection.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

I expect that the total bulk will be approximately 2″. I am shopping for rigid stationery boxes and intend to ship in flat rate USPS boxes.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

Yes. The count is 85. I expect to add 9 more:
4 are en route
1 officially lost by UPS, is being reprinted
1 my print-needs a better photograph
2 people asked for more time

1 person has had mechanical problems.
2 dropped out at the very last minute
3 people are incommunicado

Martha Chiplis
14 years ago

So is it 85 that you have received now? Or are there more two-sided ones than I am counting? Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh!

Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

No worries. Your print was one of 12 that arrived today. and is now posted on the gallery page.

Elisabeth Long
14 years ago

Eek Paul,
I was looking at the red text in the shipping checklist which says *Ship By* not ‘Receive by’ Aug 16th! I see now that at the top of the page it is different and it does say receive by.

Well, mine went out Friday which I thought was 2 days before the deadline…

At any rate, you should be receiving it soon.

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