Delighted to come home to a package full of Vandercook prints tonight! As fun as looking through the online gallery had been, it is nothing compared to the real thing. Fascinating diversity of techniques and approaches. Kudos to all the participants and thanks to Paul and his boundless energy to make this happen.

6 thoughts on “Centenary Print Bundle Arrived!”

  1. You’re most welcome everyone. I’ve received several more comments of appreciation by email. It really is a nice collection.

    Please let me know if you intend to publicly show your sets as I will compile a list of venues. Mine will be exhibited in Mobile at the University of South Alabama Library Gallery, March through April 2010.

  2. I really enjoyed getting the large box full of wonderful letterpress printed broadsides. This will be a very collectible box set.

    Thanks to everyone for printing.

    Paul, a huge thank you for organizing this big endeavor.

    Inky Lips Letterpress

  3. I’ll “third” what Elizabeth and Michael said. What an extraordinarily creative and skillful bunch! Paul, you’ve put together a real treasure here. Wish R.O. could see it!

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