Casey McGarr

Vandercook 32-28

SOLD Thanks for the listing Paul. The mover picked up the 32-28 today and delivered a Universal lll which will be a bit more manageable. Casey McGarr Inky Lips Press McKinney, TX

Vandercook 32-28

I noticed the Friction Spring Assembly on one of the photos for the 232P restoration and conversion project. I’m looking for a set for my 32-28. If anyone knows where I could find two please let know. Here is a photo capture from one of the 232P pictures for reference. Thanks, Casey Inky Lips Press …

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Printing Museum Houston

I took my son to the Houston printing Musuem today and it was really a nice place to visit. They had a Vandercook 4 with no motor but it was operating. A wonder place with lots of type cabinets and other table top presses.