G’day Folks;

I’m fairly new to press operation, and I’ve heard/read various things about clean-up and what solvents to use. I’m a little scared about it all. My question is, what is being used out there? Types, brand names, etc. Thanks for any comments and suggestions……cheers….db

3 thoughts on “Solvents?

  1. david brewer - December 3, 2009

    Thanks for the suggestion re the baby oil and crisco. I’ll give them a try….cheers…db

  2. nstockallen - December 3, 2009

    Baby oil and crisco out of the can will get the job done. Watch how you store those oily rags after cleaning.

  3. nstockallen - December 3, 2009

    I use baby oil and crisco as clean up — Occasionally I use a shot of low vapor cleaner, there are soy based ones out there.

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