No. 4 Trip/Print screws

Hello! Just beginning my Vandercook journey and bringing a recently acquired No. 4 back (I hope!) to working, and I’ve been working on getting the trip/print mechanism to engage properly. The earlier posts on this issue have been incredibly helpful. I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to the fact that the sheet metal bracket […]

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Ink monitor

Hello, I have been trying to find info on the ink monitors for universal III presses. I have three in various states of repair.I would like to get one of them working. does anybody have knowledge of how they work and how to test.I just want something to play with during long runs to stave […]

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Updating wiring to add ground

I want to share my recent experience updating the wiring on an SP-20 motor to add ground. (Disclaimer: I am not an electrician although I consulted with an electrician.) My press arrived with the power cord cut off where it exited the press. So, I needed to add a plug anyway and decided it would […]

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