Recaro Info

Does anyone have any information on Recaro Proof Presses? We have what looks like an MF something model (about the same size as an SP-15) and want to get the grippers actuating—seems to be something missing. Photos would be great.  Manufactured by Recaro Maschinenbau, Stuttgart. Dan T-J

Cleaning SP15

Hello,I continue the cleaning of my SP15 but there are some parts that I do not know how to clean? (cf pictures). Any tips ?Other things, i looking for new nyliner and gripper – i know NA Graphic is in standby so have you other solution ?Thanks !Thomas

Thread Conversion

What is the usa ⅜-16 thread equal to in both British, European and metric? I am looking for a mic adapter of 5/8-27 female to either ⅜ euro thread, metric thread, or 1/8 ips threads male. Do any of these items exist?


Does anyone know of someone in the Alabama area or nearby to do a refurb on a CRAFTSMEN SUPERIOR 6.5″ X 10″ TABLETOP LETTERPRESS? The press is in good shape overall. I would love to see it with new paint and cleaned up.