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I posted back in 2015 about a sad Hacker #4 that was being donated to the San Jose Printers’ Guild. We have spiffed it up a bit and have used it every year since then to print posters at the annual Bay Area Printers’ Guild and Wayzgoose. Since the press only had holders for two rollers, and no other inking components such as oscillating rider rollers, we have manually inked it with brayers. This press had no serial number on the badge or on the bed. The badge said “Hacker Test Press.” It prints beautifully, and visitors to our event enjoy cranking out a souvenir poster each year. (This year’s event is coming up on April 13!)

Last fall another printer in the bay area donated to us her Hacker #4, which is very similar but has two oscillating rollers that rest on top of the forme rollers in brackets like this:

This press has a serial number stamped at the end of one of the rails. I forgot to take a picture, but I think it is 2136, which would be the second lowest number on the Hacker census. From what I have seen later Hackers have a rack that holds the oscillating rollers and lifts off the forme rollers at an angle to store out of contact when not in use. Also this new Hacker has a badge that says Hacker Hand Press:

I believe there is supposed to be a larger roller on top of the two oscillators to help with ink distribution, and we have one that we can just plop down there and seems to work in quick tests, but I believe there is supposed to be a bracket system holding it in place. Larry Johnson sent me a photo of this that he had received from another user in about 2015 also. Does anyone have a Hacker with brackets like this:


Matt Kelsey

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 months ago

Thanks for the serial number. Please review the updated census https://vandercookpress.info/hacker-census/

I’m glad to hear you’ve connected with Larry. Photos can now be enlarged.
I will alert other Hacker operators to your query.

Best of luck with your upcoming wayzgoose.

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