Early Vandercook Manufacturing

rdplaque.jpgThis badge, on a 1919 model 20 (SN 1103, now at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum), begs the question: when did Vandercook & Sons begin manufacturing—or at least assembling—presses in-house? Fritz Klinke says that he has not come across any documents in reference to outsourcing manufacturing for this period. However, he does have information on later subcontracted production. An undated sales brochure for “Composing Room Cylinders”:https://vandercookpress.info/bib.html announces that the presses were built by Vandercook & Sons on West Austin Ave in Chicago. In 1928 the company built new plant on North Kilpatrick Street

Reichel & Drews is still in business as RDI Group providing machinery and engineering consulting for the asphalt & bitumen roofing industries. Unfortunately, RDI has no historical records of Reichel & Drews ever having manufactured equipment for R.O. Vandercook.

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