for sale or trade: Vandercook no. 2 Galley Proof Press — SOLD — on 1/5/11

We are in the process of moving our small shop on the Northern Oregon Coast and our Vandercook 2 galley proof press won’t fit through the new door. Sadly, we have to sell. Ideally we would trade for a smaller proof or sign press.

Bed: 24″ × 50½”
From 1950 and 1957 Vandercook and 1953 WNU catalogs:
Maximum sheet: 23¾” × 26½”
Maximum form: 23″ × 24½”
Floor space: 2’8″ × 4’3″
Weight: 955 lb (1957: 1000 lb)
Price (1950): $885

“Intended for proving full page newspaper pages in galleys or stereotype chases. ” Galley height. Optional adjustable bed end plate (for transferring forms to and from trucks).

This is a great press for proofing type, obviously, as well as linoleum and woodblock editioning, bookwork, and posters. especially if you want to work LARGE.

pickup only.

contact Sarah:  accidentalpress at

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