5 thoughts on “Best way to remove rust?

  1. Casey McGarr - August 10, 2009


    I’ll give it a try.

    What website do you order from or do you purchase the Rust Bomb local?

    I checked in my area and they don’t sell it retail.


  2. Gerald Lange - July 31, 2009


    Thanks for your reply. One thing that I should add is that after you remove the Rust Bomb, apply their rust inhibitor, Rust Bandit. When that dries, rub on the Lemon Pledge. Orison sells both a water-based rust inhibitor, Rust Bandit, and an oil-based rust inhibitor, CP-90. The latter is a great substitute for WD-40 as it not only displaces water, it prevents rust from occurring, AND, it lubricates. Unlike WD-40, this stuff literally sticks around.

    I have a carrier sheet for my photopolymer platemaker and it started getting rusty, so I used the Rust Bomb, followed by Rust Bandit (yes, even though it would be submerged, I used the water-based inhibitor), followed by Lemon Pledge as a seal. Nine months now, no rust.

    Orison makes a great line of products.


  3. Gerald Lange - July 30, 2009


    Apologies to Casey but Rust Bomb is THE way to go. Followed by a spray of Lemon Pledge. Best for all press beds, paper cutters, et al. No abrasion, no staining. Non hazardous, sewerable. Same folks who supply Evapo-Rust. Fantasic product line, and no bullshit.


  4. Casey McGarr - July 29, 2009

    I use Loctite Naval Jelly. Then put a a good coat of oil for complete coverage, then whip it down real good so there is only a thin layer.

  5. Paul Moxon, Moderator - July 28, 2009

    I prefer WD40 and a kitchen scouring pad (Scotch Brite).

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