Help me be sure about what I’m doing

Hello everyone,

I’d like your input please. I need to know…

Is NevrDull abrasive? I know their website says it’s not abrasive, but, does it remove steel from surfaces? I read somewhere, some time ago that whenever your cleaning fabric turns gray it means that there’s metal being removed.

Also.. Is a Nylon scouring pad like the green 3m kind, enough to remove steel? Is it abrasive to steel?

I want to know if I’ll get my equipment out of spec and tolerance if I use 3m pads to scrub and remove superficial rust. Or if NevrDull will get me out of spec.

Thanks very much.

3 thoughts on “Help me be sure about what I’m doing

  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - April 13, 2012

    I’m with J.H. on this. The nylon scour pad is fine. And the Nevr-Dull merely removes grime as it polishes. It is nearly impossible to remove enough metal to effect tolerance. Rust is more of an issue. Vaya con dios.

  2. Enrique - April 13, 2012

    Hi John Henry,

    Thanks for your answer. Would you say the ones used in the kitchen are safe? I don’t believe those would have grit embedded, if they are safe for teflon, they have to be safe for steel, right?

  3. jhenry - April 13, 2012


    I think you are safe using the nylon scrubbing pad as long as it does not have imbedded grit particles in it (some do). Another option is the type of rubbing compounds used for automobile paint restoration. They are extremely fine abrasives, and will work on the rust without “digging in” to the steel or iron surfaces.

    John Henry

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