How many oil holes on a No. 4?

Hello everyone,

Fritz Klinke posted a photo on the Letterpress Flickr site showing a C&P press label that refers to “about thirty-seven oil holes” that the pressman needs to attend to I’ve always wondered — and maybe after a year-and-a-half of owning my press, I should have moved beyond the wondering stage before now — just how many oil holes there are on a Vandercook No. 4. Mine is a later model, SN 18794 shipped in October 1957.

I count 19: 8 on the operator’s side, 1 on the gripper foot pedal, and 10 on the side opposite the operator. If there are more, please, along with your condolences, give me a hint as to their whereabouts. I’m referring only to holes marked as such, and not the fill cups on the motor.

Thanks so much,


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