I locked up my Uni I

I was running some small posters yesterday on my Uni I AB.  Things were going smoothly until the powered carriage was moving towards the end of the bed and got stuck midway.  It just stopped.  I run it pretty slowly so it wasn’t a very sudden stop it just was rolling along and then wasn’t.  Now what?  It won’t move forward or back.  I don’t want to damage the motor by running it.  I can’t see anything that is amiss, but it is definitely tight against the type.  I removed the rollers and lowered the bed completely.  What else can be easily removed to try and free it?  Is there something else I should be looking for?  Thanks in advance – Leslie

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Gerald Lange
13 years ago


I don’t know how the SP-15 thing was resolved, I assume the press mechanic was able to push the cylinder off the form.

I was able to push the cylinder back on the UNI-III (it wasn’t stuck on the form). Maybe you just need to get some friends (with muscle) over and just push. A Vandy party?


Gerald Lange
13 years ago


There are various reasons this could happen, though the solution is often more for a specific press model.

Paul’s comment about removing the packing reminded me of a recent incident with a SP-15 where the owner simply had over-packed the cylinder and the press came to a halt on the form. The fact that you actually cannot physically move the cylinder might just be that it is stuck rather than a mechanical problem.

I had a similar problem to yours on a Universal III though, and Paul and others graciously helped me through this. I thought it might be a problem with the clutch but it really was a matter of the electrics. I had blown a fuse, likely by not paying attention to Vandercook’s directions for lever movement and timing. I was able to find replacement fuses from an old hardware store and compatible fuses from Grainger and all was well. I just switched them all out as there were some quite odd fuses that had been stuck in there over the years. Really just a matter of looking through the manual and finding the correct configuration. Not much of an adventure.

I’d suggest trying that before you screw around with the eccentric shaft or you could end up in a world of hurt.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Here’s an idea: manually turn the eccentric to raise the cylinder without moving the carriage.
The Universal, like the No. 4, has a horizontal trip shaft and eccentric in front of the cylinder. Remove the oscillating roller and rider. This will be easier to access the eccentric shaft. Clamp a large pair of vise grips on the shaft and turn toward the feed board.

Other info:
Your press has two motors: one (with the chain) that runs the ink drum. It’s mounted under the bed in the cabinet and one that runs the carriage hanging an the far side of the carriage. This motor adds 150 lbs to the carriage, perhaps you need help pushing it.

To lift the carriage will be a serious project, either all 8 carriage bearings would need to be removed or remove both sideplates. The later requires removing too many parts to list here.

Try removing the drawsheet and packing and sliding the form out.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

If the cylinder is tight against the type it’s still in print. Can you push it by hand toward the end of the bed to shift it into trip?

Have you checked the fuses?
Are the micro switches bent or loose?
Is the drawsheet clear of the cylinder bearers?
Has any of the form worked up above type high?

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