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I recently obtained a vandercook that is in pretty rough shape and missing a lot of parts, although still great for what I need it to do. I have the two inking rollers that are supposed to be mounted together with the oscillating roller (excuse the made up terminology), but they aren’t usable anymore. They have only traces of the black surface that they should have. Instead they consist of a half melted green gelatine of some sort. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how these rollers could be put to some use –even though it wouldn’t be the use they were designed for.

If they can’t be reworked in any way, does anyone know how they ought to be disposed of so that they don’t cause environmental harm?



2 thoughts on “Ink rollers

  1. Klaudio - September 20, 2007

    Thanks Gerald,
    I don’t remember, but I know the model I have is about the size of a Simple Precision SP15, if not slightly larger. Now I’m in Canada and I’m a little worried about how much all of this would cost together with shipping and everything. Has anyone here had their rollers redone by NA Graphics before?

  2. Gerald Lange - September 12, 2007


    Don’t dispose of these as you will be throwing away the cores. Those are expensive. Get them rewound. You don’t mention the model of Vandercook. Best to send these to NA Graphics to get them redone at spec.


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