Happy Birthday!

Today marks one year of Vanderblogging. Thank you to all registered users, we now number 147. Together we have generated 114 posts and 495 comments that have been viewed over 33,984 times. These figures are nearly double those reported six months ago. This is a vibrant forum that will continue to grow. New pages and expansion of exiting ones are in the works.

To date, the “Vandercook Census”:https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/census/ has identified 994 presess worldwide. Some of this data is incomplete, so please help me fill in the gaps. Several members have yet to submit their data or reply to my personal appeals. Could there be another thousand vandys out there? And how many “Asberns”:https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/asbern/, “Challenges”:https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/challenge/, “FAGs”:https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/fag/, “Reprex”:https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/reprex/ et al. are out there?

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Martha Chiplis
16 years ago

Congrats Paul! I really enjoy the blog, and I do check it often. How did we get along without it?

john christopher
16 years ago

Congratulations Paul
This blog has really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have a 700 kilo steel jigsaw puzzle in my cellar – all the entries provide welcome encouragement for me to get it all back together again and get it rollin’ – thanks!

Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

Hey Sparky (TC): See side bar 2 for a list of authors (members). This WP widget only counts posts not comments. It does not appear alphabetical because it actual arranged by username, but I chose to display by real names (when filled in by member). I will continue to look for a better plugin. I would prefer that the names were contained within a page rather than flapping in the wind. But there you have it. I do see that a few members appear twice, because they reregistered after having forgot their passwords.

Nathan Rose
16 years ago

I may not have legs like Paul’s, but as long as you are taking names, you can put me on there. I admit to not being a heavy contributor, largely because you all beat me to the punch, but I check the blog every day.
I appreciate the dialogue, and it is great to get a number of perspectives. Keep it up.
Nathan Rose

Terrence Chouinard
16 years ago

Sorry Alex, I was actually thinking of Paul as our Miss Brooks. He’s got those Eve Arden-esque legs.

So . . .

only 138 more to go. I’ll touch base with my WP contact Paul and see if I can lend you a hand.

Barbara Hauser
16 years ago

Congratulations, Paul, and continuing thanks for your good work in developing this site. Now that so many of these machines are spread out among geographically isolated individuals, we need this forum. The differences between letterpress printing, past and present, struck me as I was pondering the need for the on/off light on my No. 4. I wondered why you’d need the light to see if the press was on, since it’s pretty obivous. Then I realized that in the past this press might have been one among many in a large, noisy room full of all sorts of machines and personnel, and you might want to know from a distance which machines were on. In those days you wouldn’t need this forum since there would be someone within shouting distance who could answer your question. Thank goodness we can now shout over the Internet.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

I’ll look into this. WordPress (the blog software) doesn’t have an option for exporting a user list. There may be a third party plugin that can do this, but I haven’t found it.

WP only requires that users fill in their first and last names. So some folks are only identified by their chosen nickname.

I’ve sent personal emails to some of these folks asking them to complete their profiles, but this time consuming and has yielded few changes.

I have found a plugin that can generate a Google map of user locations, but it has a bug in it. Perhaps the next version will correct this. WP will offer its own upgrade soon.

Alex Brooks
16 years ago

that’s Mr. Brooks to you sir.
-alex [brooks]

Terrence Chouinard
16 years ago

There are 147 of us? I thought it was more like just 5 or 6. Gerald, Eric, Daniel, Fritz, and our Miss Brooks, Moxie hisself.

Any chance for a roll call, Paulie?

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