Looking for advice. Part 1: Uni III(ab) form roller tilted

I have recently begun to produce work on my Uni III after a long hiatus, and have run into a couple of vexing issues.

Firstly, I realized that the rear form roller was laying down ink only on the side opposite from operator. The roller will not adjust low enough on the operator side (the knob and assembly just rocks back and forth once the gear is on the rack) to ink a form. When I got the press I noticed stacks of two 2pt leads had been used to shim the form roller gear rack along its entire length (photo). As I am a complete neophyte I just assumed that this had become necessary to keep the rack level at some point. Now I’m thinking that the leads are forcing the gear too high and angling the roller. If this is the cause I can certainly pull the leads out and “see what happens” but if they are a necessary evil I’m not sure what to do to keep the rack height both consistent and also low enough. I have plenty of 1 pt nylon leads I could cut into shims for instance.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
6 years ago

Let’s start over: Remove these leads and see what you get. (Original shims, when present, are plastic. These leads are someone’s fix to compensate for a printing form or rollers out of spec.)

0.970 – 0.918 is 0.050. Place a galley (0.050) plus a sheet of phonebook paper (0.002) beneath, in the bed and use the 0.918 rollers setting gauge. Or you could buy a 0.968 roller setting gauge placed in the bed on a sheet of phone book.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
6 years ago

Keep the shims in place. It’s possible but unlikely that they have been modified.
Measure the diameter of the rollers, they should be 3″ and are probably flared on the ends.
There may be excessive wear on top of the bearing support block that contacts the bottom of the form roller adusting posts. These blocks are pinned a bolted to the carriage side plates but can be rotated or repaired

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