looking for a universal 1 in san francisco (not to buy)

hello! i am visiting san francisco this week, and want to take a gander at a universal 1. i have one in mexico, and it has several very strange quirks that i can’t seem to get figured out. i’m hoping that seeing one in good condition (and meeting with a fellow printer) will help illuminate the problems with mine. if you are in the area and know someone, i’d appreciate any contacts! many thanks.

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Eric Holub
11 years ago

Quatrmass sold their Universal !-P to Peter Koch of Berkeley.
Atelier Gargoyle moved out of town.
CCSF (my alma mater) with a Uni I hand has their own problems (budget and accreditation), not likely to get any access there.
Arion has a Uni III-P AB. M&H Type at the same location has a Uni I hand.
Academy of Art probably has a Uni I hand.
No idea what One Heart has.
Outside the census there are Uni Is at Digger Pine Press and Quelquefois Presses in Berkeley, a Uni III hand at Mills College, and Uni III-Ps at Poltroon Press in Berkeley.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

Blair, a search of the census for “San Francisco” yields six Universals:
Academy of Art
Atelier Gargoyle
City College of San Francisco
Arion Press
One Heart Press
Quartermass Design

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