Missing Hacker #4 Part

I am restoring a Hacker #4 and I am missing a part. It is a bar that connects the cylinder to the bed trip lever.  I have a picture of the part on another Hacker, and mine without it. If someone out there has the measurements of this part and can post it here, I would be thankful! If not I will be making it by trial and error.

part-missing part-missing2

3 thoughts on “Missing Hacker #4 Part

  1. Larry K. Johnson - July 24, 2015


    Thank you for your response, I would have commented earlier but for some reason I did not see the comments! I think the measurements and close up photos will work. My email is larrykj77@gmail.com. If I can’t fabricate it from the measurements and photos, we can go the other route. I appreciate your willingness to help!

    The Arm NYC,

    I actually tried to contact Chris Chen (through Linkedin) but did not get a response. Chris, If your listening in, I’d love to chat with you about your Hacker!

  2. adamleestma - July 18, 2015

    We have a Hacker 4H at USU and I’ve removed this particular part from our press. I can take some measurements and photos on Monday when I’m back at work. I could also mail you the part, if you don’t mind paying for shipping and eventually returning the part to us.


  3. The Arm NYC - July 18, 2015

    Your best bet is to reach out directly to someone with the same model as you from the list on Paul’s press registry.

    I would suggest checking first with Chris Chen or Daniel P.


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