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After 12 years of being in the same location, NA Graphics and the Vandercook records and parts inventory successfully completed its move to our new building on Wednesday–and in some respects, it was the move from Hell. I had no idea I had accumulated such a mountain of crap, in addition to the good stuff. First to be moved was the ATF type collection, and Alex Brooks spent 2 weeks here reshelving many thousands of packages of type. Next to move were the very precious Vandercook records, blueprints, and related paper material. That collection occupies 19 file cabinets. Then the task of moving 5 Monotypes, 3 Vandercooks, a Miehle Vertical, Model 31 Linotype, Little Giant, Elrod (and Elrod, the resident cat), and C&P to another location took much effort, especially the stuff in our basement print shop, not to mention 450 cases of type. Then all the office stuff, inventory, and employees and getting the business reestablished was made more difficult working without electricity, phone or water for a while. We still have no water or sewer or heat, and we are now seeing frost in the mornings, but all will be in order in due time.

I apologize to anyone who needed something and we didn’t get your call or missed your email. We are now back in action full time and things will get better service wise, once I find what’s in a room full of boxes. The Vandercook parts are readilly accessible. We did take 40 or 50 Vandercook rollers to be recycled today, but it was stock that had been sitting here for 12 years without a single inquiry. We did keep some nifty all steel rider rollers for rolling equipment on. I kept some representative samples in case someone needs rollers for a 30-26 4-color proof press, but I sort of doubt that will ever happen.

My advice to anyone contemplating a basement shop–don’t. We had the advantage of a 5 foot wide concrete stairway with a built in ramp and winch system, but what an ordeal. Gravity was not on our side. Paul Moxon, who has been in the old shop several times, would marvel at a cleanly swept concrete floor with not even a brass or copper space defiling the place. The new owners of our old space were incredulous that we actually pulled it off, but it took the services of about 10 people, not all at once, working from early July until September 3rd. There are not too many more of these moves left in this old body.


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john christopher
15 years ago

I was once told that when the Daily Express newspaper moved its printing operation from its rickety Central London premises (I assume Fleet Street)they decided not to bother moving the huge web presses installed in the basement – they just poured concrete in and bricked it up… apocryphal maybe but looking at those images you’ve posted I’m now more likely to believe it…

Terrence Chouinard
15 years ago

Hey Fritz

What’s the new address & contact information?


Mark Wilden
15 years ago

Congratulations, Fritz!

Hopefully, the plumbing situation has improved. I’ll never forget helping scour the town for a plumber’s snake late one Friday night. :)

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