Potter proof press parts wanted

Hi All,

I am new to the group as until now my focus has been on Golding platen presses.  I have now “seen the light” and am adding a Potter proof press No. 3 to my shop.  At the moment I just have the inking mechanism and its under restoration, but, soon the massive cast iron press itself will find its way down from John Barretts shop into my tiny garage and I will add it to the census.  I wonder if any in the group have a set of feed board brackets they would sell or trade for something nice of equal value such as wood type, etc.  I would be interesting in knowing about any other spare parts one might have as well.  If you have a set you are not interested in selling but would allow me to borrow or view them that would also be helpful as it would be so much easier to create new ones by seeing the originals.

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