Moving a Potter

I am about to be a new caretaker for a potter (not sure which edition, I think maybe a #2) which currently lives in a multi-level basement with several staircases. I was wondering how you would go about moving a press in this situation?   I read somewhere that it can be 800 lbs, which makes …

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Excello Proof Press

This display ad appeared in most issues of Graphic Arts Monthly, vol. 1, 1929, but does not appear thereafter. Neither was it advertised or mentioned in The Inland Printer or Photo-Engravers Bulletin before, during or after 1929. (Perhaps, the there wasn’t enough interest in this product, and likely Black Tuesday—the infamous crash of the stock market on …

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Potter Restoration

I have a Potter-Challenge that needs attention. I need photos that will help me to understand how the paper gripper mechanism connects with the pedal. The grippers are missing and at the moment the pedal lifts the cylinder and thats about it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Bernard in South Africa

I am looking for info on my Potter Press

I’ve had a Potter #2 for about 10 years. I’ve happily been doing small runs of woodcuts and engravings with it. Still I’d like to make it work like it once did. I’ve got some beat up grippers, but that’s the extent of it. I’m looking for information as to how these presses went together. I have questions, and possibly …

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A.F. Wanner

Andrew Franklin Wanner (1855–1935) was a typefounder and the proprietor of A.F. Wanner & Co. a printing supplier and press manufacturer in Chicago. Today the company is remembered as the original maker of Potter and Poco proof presses. It was also one of the earliest selling agents for Vandercook. In 1867, Wanner moved to Chicago …

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Horace W. Hacker

Horace Wardner Hacker (1879–1968) was the founder of the Hacker Manufacturing Co. in Chicago, which made plate gauges, and test presses that featured reciprocating beds with stationary carriages. Hacker held 14 U.S. Patents for various gauges and press mechanisms (and four later patents unrelated to printing). Like R.O. Vandercook, he was a proponent of press …

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Potter Census

I just posted a new census of Potters presses. I’m hoping to figure out the manufacturing history of these machines. Originally Manufactured by A.F. Wanner Co. Chicago, IL., later Potter presses have name plates that say made by Hacker Manufacturing. The 1935 ATF Catalog shows Challenge-Potter and Challenge-Poco presses (pages F-11, F-13).