Removing the handle from a Universal I

I need to remove the handle from my Universal I to fit the press through a doorway. I’ve searched and saw posts about removing the set screw and tapping out the taper pin. The set screw came out with minimal effort however the taper pin will not budge. One end of the pin appears mushroomed or peened over, the other side is chamfered which I assume is the small side of the pin. Can someone tell me if this is normal or has the pin been abused? Thanks


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Eric Holub
9 years ago

When pins get bunged up, it is often because the wrong tools have been applied to them. I think that at rest position, the thick end will be high and the thin end low.
Roll the cylinder out so the thin end is upmost. Wedge the cylinder carriage in place with doorstops. Then get a pin punch (NOT A CENTER PUNCH!) the full size of the small end, and get the heaviest hammer you can find. A light tap with a heavy hammer will do more conrolled work with less potential for damage than a heavy blow with a light hammer.
I’ve seen a bit of damage because people just used common carpenter’s tools and tried to work metal as if it were wood. A dimpled nailset is not a punch, and a pointed center punch is not right either. A pin punch has a flat face and should be equal to the surface to be driven.

Lad Boyle
9 years ago

This would be normal on a SP-15, so its reasonable to assume its the same for the Uni-I. Nevertheless, the pin could be set tight. You need a good center punch and a hammer to release it. You might consider spraying some lubricate, such as a rust penetrant, on both ends and then wait a few minutes before hitting it with a hammer and punch.


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