Universal III P Forward/Reverse Problem

uni-iii-controls un-iii-fwd-rev-switch

I work as the technician at Centre3 in Hamilton, ON Canada.  We are really lucky to have a Universal III Vandercook in our studio. Great press, however, recently the forward / reverse stopped working. This has basically rendered the press useless as it’s entirely driven by this and the cycle.  Unfortunately the cycle isn’t working either.  My suspicion is that the relay or micro switch for the forward / reverse lever has just blown and I need to source out a new replacement part.  I’ve attempted to get in touch with some local folks such as Don Black, but I have yet to get a response. I thought it would be worthwhile to put a word over to you guys to see if you knew of a place that had such a part. I can happily send a photo along too.

3 thoughts on “Universal III P Forward/Reverse Problem

  1. Laine Groeneweg - May 5, 2015

    Hey DGM!

    Thanks so much for all of help on this one. I’m going to have a look for this part on eBay and chances are, we’ll be up and running in no time flat!

    All the best,

  2. The Arm NYC - May 5, 2015

    The forward, stop, reverse switch is Allen Bradley 800T T2MB21. I see a bunch of them listed on eBay.


  3. The Arm NYC - May 4, 2015

    That three position toggle switch is a somewhat common part by Allen Bradley. I don’t have the part number on hand, but if you take it out you will find it. NOS units can be found on eBay.


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