Reprex not releasing paper!

I know there are a few of you with Reprex presses. Our press has stop releasing the paper at the end of the impression. It is hitting the release spring and the bumper. Even doing it 2 or 3 times doesn’t matter. The schematics and instructions are minimal help. Anyone have a solution?

2 thoughts on “Reprex not releasing paper!

  1. longdaypress - October 23, 2007

    Thanks Paul,

    You may be right. I plan a major cleaning before the end of the year. The pins probably have never been cleaned. Lots of maintenance to be done. Thank goodness I took your class.


  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - October 22, 2007

    Can you add some pics to your post? It could be that the pins in the gripper bar are gummed up, but the force of the foot pedal /pushrod mechanism is strong enough to raise them, whereas the release at the end of the bed is too weak.

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