Reprex No. 1 Questions

I have recently “acquired” a Reprex No. 1 Proof Press, and I say “acquired” because it’s as good as mine as long as I move it from it’s current location.  Does anyone have any particular advice/lessons learned about moving these things? Also, it’s not in a working order right now so I will be restoring …

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Reprex No 1 Rollers Specs

I just received a request for the specs for the cores for a No 1 Reprex. this is the same one posted on Briar press. I will make a drawing and share a pdf on this site.    I need: – overall core length – diameter and length at ends – other diameter and length on the core – position end to end and length of rubber on the core …

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Reprex 1 Manual

I have a Reprex 1 proof press that has a broken trip/print mechanism and need a manual for direction in fixing it or at least that would provide a picture of what it should look like and how it works. Also, the tray that captures all the ink under the drum is filled with hardened …

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Reprex II question

I need some feedback please. We use a Reprex II in our studio. During the last class, last 15 minutes the carriage would stop mid travel like it hit a brick. Checked all the usual culprits- something on the gear track, high furniture, bad lock up, etc. Even changed some furniture to make sure none …

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Reprex #2

I’ve been doing some printing on my newly acquired Reprex #2. At a glace the Reprex #2 looks similar to a Vandercook SP-15 in size and shape. Then when you get close you start noticing the differences. A large lever protrudes from the backside of the press. When putting the press in trip one must …

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Reprex Wiring

I have a Reprex proof press with old, burned out wiring that needs to be replaced. Can any old electrician do this, or does it need to be someone familiar with presses? Thanks for any input or insight you may have.