Vandercook #3Vandercook #3Vandercook #3Vandercook #3Vandercook #3

I picked up this Vandercook #3 (serial 13165) a few days ago and am interested in tracking down the parts it is missing. The press seems to have been partially disassembled to replace the rollers and the associated parts were lost before it was put back together. Here is a list of what I am looking for and some photos of the press for reference. I have all three roller cores and the oscillating roller assembly. Any leads or advice on finding the rest would be a big help!

Missing Parts:

  • M-134 Feed Roller Frame Assembly
  • M-125 Bottom Frame Assembly (form rollers assembly)
  • MB-112 Paper Guides x 3
  • LR-64 Bed Lockup Pins
  • Tympan Reel Rod Securing Bar

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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3 thoughts on “Seeking some inking parts for the new #3”

  1. Hello Fritz,
    For the moment I am going to shove this press in the corner and concentrate on these three Universal IIIs. I will keep my ear to the ground for secondhand parts and will get in touch when I have a better indication of what I won’t be able to find and what will have to be fabricated. I appreciate your willingness to delve into such a project though!


  2. I wouldn’t bother with a securing bar (called a clamp bar on most models) unless you have a supply of pre-cut tympan paper drawsheets.

    I cut both my packing and drawsheet from a tympan roll and get sufficient tension without a clamp bar (or masking tape) by making the tail of the drawsheet longer (28″ on my No.4). If I need a mylar drawsheet then I do use adhesive tape.

  3. A major project. Most of the parts are not available and would have to be made. Contact me if there is a burning desire to rescue this press as it was originally set up. We have the sheet guides, possibly the bed pins, dead bars, etc., but the roller frame and gears is another matter.

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