I have been trying for a while to find an old style Vandercook sheet side guide for one of my 320Gs and also one of the newer ones for one of my Universal IIIs. If anyone has a spare they could sell or happens to know where I might be able to find one it would be a really big help!

UPDATE- I have found some of the parts for the 320G side guide, but still need the internals. Please see the second photo for what I have located and the third for the parts I still need. If you have any idea where I might obtain the rest I would really appreciate the tip!
Still Needed-
LR-44 Adjusting Screw
LR-46 Washer
LS-32 Side Guide
LS-152 Hold Down
LB-10 Adjusting Nut
#8-32×1/4 R’D H’D Screw x2

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

sheet side guide Side Guide Partsneededparts.jpg

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