SP-15 movement and balance

Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry for the long post.

Second: I’ve noticed something on my SP-15 but I do not know if this is supposed to happen or not. I noticed this first when I took off the motor cover to clean up in there. The whole part moves as you will see in the video. Is this normal?

Also, I’ve noticed that the delrin bearers on the operator side are not making contact, but they do on the non-operator side.
The opposite situation happens with the metal carriage bearers on the back of the carriage.

Can this be due to an imbalance?
Right now the press is still sitting on dollies, because it’s not in it’s final position.

And finally, there seems to be some excessive wear on a part on the non-operator side. Sorry I left my manual at the shop, so I don’t know the part number.
Can this part be replaced?

Please take a moment to look at the videos. I really appreciate your valuable input.

Thanks in advance!

— Well it seems I cannot embed videos here. Sorry. If you want to help me please click on the link for each video to watch it on Vimeo in high quality.

— Well it seems it’s easier than I thought. You just paste the link and it automatically embeds the video! :)

Motor movement on travel.

Delrin bearers on operator side

Delrin bearers on non-operator side.

Metal bearers on back of the carriage.

Excessive wear?

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Eric Holub
12 years ago

I don’t look at videos, but will tell you that the assembly containing motor and drum is supposed to pivot so that the drum can be deflected downward as the cylinder passes over. Otherwise there would be a stripe of ink laid on every time the cylinder moves over.
And I would say, don’t test the press until it is flat on the ground and carefully levelled. It is a lightly-built press and needs solid support, which dollies are not.

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