SP-15 – snapped bolt

Hello from Newfoundland, Canada! Yesterday a bolt snapped off on my SP-15 in the assembly that lifts and lowers the top two steel rollers. This assembly is located in the area marked in red. I’m looking for a replacement bolt, and have contacted Fritz @ NA Graphics, just wondering if anyone has any information/insight into […]

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Updating wiring to add ground

I want to share my recent experience updating the wiring on an SP-20 motor to add ground. (Disclaimer: I am not an electrician although I consulted with an electrician.) My press arrived with the power cord cut off where it exited the press. So, I needed to add a plug anyway and decided it would […]

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SP 15

Hello everyone. I bought a Vandercook SP 15, I have no experience in the subject and I would like to know the basic steps to start cleaning and remove rust from the rollers. The machine was not used in the last 10 years and may be missing some small pieces although the car moves and […]

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