SP-15 Wiring help

SP-15 Wiring

I recently pulled the electrical box off of my SP-15 and being the clever individual I am I marked all the wires with tape. Unfortunately, as I was cleaning the motor up the tape fell off. I think I have the wiring correct but I want to be sure before I flip the switch and risk burning the motor up. I have attempted to draw a little diagram above with how I think it goes but I would love a second opinion. I seem to recall the ground was connected to the metal of the box itself, but not being 100% worries me.

thanks all.

2 thoughts on “SP-15 Wiring help

  1. Greg Menzel - March 2, 2009

    Well, good news! I flipped the switch today and no fire or explosion. In fact, everything worked flawlessly. The light didn’t come on but I am thinking that the off the shelf bulb I got may not be the right one. We’ll see.

  2. Fritz Klinke - March 1, 2009

    Based on how the wires on my SP-15 are connected, L1 and L2 are in the middle position, L1 on the left per your diagram, and T1 and T2 on the bottom, T1 on the left. But then my on-off switch has only 4 terminals and the red light is integral to the switch. Just stand back when you turn the switch on. Motor should be grounded to the line ground either directly or to a common ground in the main electrical box–then everything is grounded.

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