T-Shirt for 100 Years of Vandercook (?)

Are there any plans to have a special T-Shirt (or even Apron) celebrating the 100 years of Vandercook? It could make a nice companion to the Print Bundle. And lots of people would buy it if priced reasonably.

Perhaps a t-shirt design competition could stir-up the bubbling creativity amongst vandercook users :)

Just a thought.



PS. I edited this blog entry to address it to everyone (not just Paul:)

4 thoughts on “T-Shirt for 100 Years of Vandercook (?)

  1. Thomas Hardjono - August 7, 2009

    @Caveworks, thanks for the suggestion and support. A collaborative design process would be interesting. Perhaps even several designs. (PS. There shouldn’t be any lack of designers seeing that the Print Bundle has 100 entries :)

    With respect to distribution and orders, we could just Etsy or other Internet-based order/purchase method. Just a thought.

  2. Caveworks Press - August 7, 2009

    I work for a printer/screen printer. Perhaps we could do some kind of collaborative design process on this site, finalize a design, take orders, which would pay for the shirts, and commence the screen printing. Just an idea. I also like the idea of hand-press printing, though I don’t have one of those.

  3. Paul Moxon, Moderator - August 7, 2009

    Unless someone with a screen printing set-up steps up, I don’t see this happening any time. However, you should know tha t-shirts have been known to be printed on iron hand presses from wood type, linocuts, etc. using oil-based ink. I still wear my ATypI ’97 shirt.

  4. Paul Moxon, Moderator - July 15, 2009

    The short answer is no. However, last year the San Francisco Center for the Book, with Fritz’s permission, made a shirt. This past Spring, a few were made to promote The Vandercook Book at the Center for Book Arts in NYC and Gerald Lange had his own “Vander-cook” shirt on ebay and his website.

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