i’m in northern new mexico and looking for a table top cylinder press, any simple vandercook or challenge, would work for me, preferably in terrible shape as i assume i can afford it then and pay to fix over the long run in keeping with my income flow, looking for something relatively nearby that i can drive to or won’t break the bank on shipping.

i welcome any advice, tips or suggestions.


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  1. That is more what I was expecting to pay. I had actually stopped looking on ebay, becoming discouraged and have been looking for something in my locale.

  2. thank you
    that’s my ballpark budget for a little tabletop press, i’ll put a bid on it (my first one ever :)) and keep your estimate in mind.

    i did see a rusty 0 on briarpress for $500 obo. that seemed a bit high, though i did email a much lower offer.

    i’ve got a fixed amount in the bank for this right now and figure it can’t hurt to put a few inquiries out there.

  3. Last week a somewhat rusty Model O on eBay sold for $387.89! There were five bidders. I think the price too high considering how rudimentary this press is, I think $200-250 is fair.

    The “099”:https://vandercookpress.info/years28-34.html#099 bed is the smallest of the gravity presses, its bed is 13″ × 22″. The “01”:https://vandercookpress.info/years28-34.html#01 bed is 15″ × 32 and the “0”:https://vandercookpress.info/years28-34.html#0 is 13″ × 32″

  4. There is a Vandercook 099 press on ebay item #160203623698. Does this belong to anyone on the list? Or can anyone tell me what a good price would be for this? Or any info from personal experience?

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