Update: Found —Wanted: Worm gear and collar

Hi guys, I’m in the process of building a new oscillator for my SP15 and the machinist is already in the process of making the oscillator cylinder, and the shaft. He told me though, that making the worm gear is out of his possibilities with the machinery he has. He said that it would probably …

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Need rollers for Challenge 1528 KP

greetings all I am new to the forum, and was hoping someone could help me track down form rollers for a challenge proof press. My rollers were thrown out by a janitor (i had them off of my press so i could do some brayering) and it’s been difficult to track any down. i may …

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Need a positive lockup bar for a Vandercook SP-15

Hi all, I live in France and here it is very hard to find specific material for my Vandercook Sp-15 . I search : – a Vandercook SP-15 positive lockup bar – a Vandercook roller setting gauge If you have an extra one that you are willing to sell, please contact me. Any help advice, …

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Looking for a Showcard Press

Classic case of a newbie trying to get some info on getting a press. Any help would be super appreciated. I have worked on a Showcard Proof Press and really loved it. Thank you.


Good Day Vanderbloggers, I have recently acquired a “fixer-upper” UNI-1 needing everything related to the inking on the press including the drum, oscillating roller, rider and assembly, the form roller blocks, levers etc. I am looking for a parts machine (long shot) or will begin to fab what I need. I have contacted the usual …

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Vandy SP-15

I’m on the west coast and looking for a Vandy SP-15.  I’ve scoured the internet, and will continue to do so.  Any other suggestions?

Workshops in the UK!!! Who’ll have me?

I am happy to announce that I’ve been chosen to receive a Fulbright award to study Book Conservation at West Dean College in West Sussex England. I’ll be studying for two years, beginning September 2010. Community engagement and cultural exchange are integral parts of the Fulbright program, and accordingly I am looking to conduct free …

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Purchasing my first Vandercook

Hello all, I am looking to purchase a larger sized Vandercook, preferably an SP20, Uni III or 219. I live in Denver, but definitely willing to travel for the right press. I appreciate any offers or advice. Thanks for your time! -Roger

Restoring an SP-20 (i.e. hunting for parts)

Hello all – – I had the great fortune of saving an SP20 from the scrapyard earlier this Spring. However, it was not quite as complete as I remembered it being when I first found it last Fall. Someone clearly attempted to dismantle it sometime in its history, then abandoned it, and the only old …

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