Uni I cylinder adjustment

Hi, folks. I am writing about a damaged Uni I that I have been working on intermittently over the past 10 months. When the press was shipped to me, it was struck and dragged along the right-hand side of the carrriage. Obviously I’ve learned my lesson where crating is concerned but I cannot for the life of me get the cylinder balanced. Recently I had faked, so to speak, an even impresssion by dramatically altering the bearing settings but the press felt awful to print on and I imagine I was creating more problems for my self down the road. At present, I have removed all bearings, eccentrics, etc. and the cylinder is tilted high on the right-hand side and low on the left-hand side. My frame of reference is the smooth inner rail running closest to the press bed. In trip, the left-hand side is making contact with this rail. On my other presses, the proper distance seems to be roughly 1/8″ distance from cylinder to rail when in trip and drops down to make contact when in print. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
all best,
Patrick Masterson

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  1. Eric Holub - April 26, 2008

    Does the “left-hand” side (is that the operator side?) move up and down, just slightly, or not at all?
    Going by memory, I think the cylinder is raised and lowered on hinged arms by a pair of eccentric bearings connected by a cross-rod connected to the vertical gear-rack on the far side. If the cross-rod, or the pin or pin-hole that connect the rod to the eccentric is damaged, then one side won’t move properly.

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