Does anyone have a working forward / backward switches for a Universal III they would be willing to sell?
I also need the microswitch that is on the lower backside of the press closest to the feedboard, but this doesn’t seem quite as critical.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ray Nichols / Lead Graffiti

2 thoughts on “Universal III forward / reverse switches”

  1. I got the switch through NA Graphics. It was about $300 which seemed really, really high. The switch seems to be new but I guess this stuff is so specialized that the manufacturers kind of have everyone over a barrel. Dave Seat is stopping by around the end of the July to put it in. In the meantime I borrowed one from a friend that has converted his to a handcranked Universal III.

    I was considering doing it, but just finished a wedding invitation that printed 30″ wide (six 5″ panels in an accordion fold) on a work-and-turn and having the press back and working was really nice. I love that mechanism to hold the paper tight to the cylinder.

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