Universal I and III Roller Core Changes

On Vandercook Engineering Change #848, dated 8/15/61, the roller cores for these 2 presses were radically changed. We run into these 1961 and earlier presses with the old cores on occasion, and it makes replacing the rollers much easier to know the serial number, or even better, a photo when recovering the rollers or ordering new cores. This post will cover the numbers for the Universal I, but the first 2 numbers apply to the SP-20, which is listed on this change order.

X-21010 replaced B-110

X-21012 replaced X-14099 (form roller bearing screw)

X-20933 replaced X-14095 and X-14616 Rolller core

X-20934 replaced X-14098 and X-14616 Roller core  — gear

X-20935 replaced X-14097, plain roller core

X-20936 replaced X-14097–gear core. 

The change in cores also affected the end bolts and the bearing block assemblies.

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