Form rollers

Vandercook SP15, lowering gear side of rear form roller

The gear side of the rear roller on our SP15 will not lower enough to hit a roller-setting gauge. It does have a range of motion, just will not descend low enough to contact the gauge on the gear side. The roller measures about 1/8″ less than 2 1/2″ in diameter. The tip diameter of …

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SP-15 Squeal

Got a bad squeal on the SP-15. Can’t figure out where the noise is coming from. Suspect that the back roller core is defective and the bearer is not holding it correctly. I think we need a new roller/core. Anyway, in printing the oscillating roller squeals badly. Just started doing this today. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Inking issues on SP15

We’re completing the rebuild of an SP15 that was begun by someone else (who is now deceased, so we can’t ask them questions) and we are running into some challenges with the inking system. We were trying to set the rollers to the lightest stripe possible for photopolymer printing, which we did with the press …

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Reprex No 1 Rollers Specs

I just received a request for the specs for the cores for a No 1 Reprex. this is the same one posted on Briar press. I will make a drawing and share a pdf on this site.    I need: – overall core length – diameter and length at ends – other diameter and length on the core – position end to end and length of rubber on the core …

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No. 4 Uneven Inking on Rider Rollers

Hello all, I’m trying to troubleshoot an inking problem on my Vandercook No. 4, Serial No. 14509. I’m finding that my rider rollers (the small steel rollers front and back) are not getting inked evenly. (See image, the front rider roller is not completely inking towards the right side) When I roll the cylinder down …

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