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Eric Holub
15 years ago

“Arm that pushed the knob.” Knob being the pin that comes out of the center of the cylinder, and arm being the lever that pushes it? On many Vandercooks there is a shouldered screw that the lever pivots on, and if that works its way out to where the lever is pivoting on the smaller threaded portion, the grippers won’t work properly. It is just a tiny difference in distance too. I check that screw often.

Eric Holub
15 years ago

Sorry, never saw a Uni II, but if you are thinking of a trip spring as on the SP series, it wouldn’t have them. Universals, 219s, 4s etc have a rack-and-pinion to move the cylinder from trip to print, with no springs involved in trip/print mechanism.
When you say it is not locking at the feeboard, is the cylinder coming all the way to normal rest position? Or stopping short or bouncing back? The grippers won’t work properly if the cylinder isn’t where it is supposed to be.
I would follow the linkages from the pedal to the grippers. As I recall, on the very similar 219, the path takes several turns and some connection may have come loose or broke. And there is a spring somewhere in the 219 under the bed that affects the gripper motion, near the far side of the press. I had to feel around in the grease to find it.

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