I’ve had this issue before and I can’t remember how I fixed it.  When I started printing today, there is this noise that is coming from (I believe) from the rear form roller gear not being in the correct position on the core.  You can hear it just as the cylinder leaves the feed board.  I’ve attached a few photos and a video.  When I loosen the screw, there are so many indentations I can’t tell where on the core this should sit. video

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5 thoughts on “Universal III form roller gear issue (again!)”

  1. It could be that the end of the screw is squeezed and/or perhaps the threads have been plowed by a thread cutting die. Likewise, the interior threads of the core could have been tapped.

    You can test if the screw or core is damaged by swapping positions with the other screws and cores.

  2. I am having a similar problem with a Universal III X-21012 screw backing out of the form roller while printing. It has the set screw and dowel in place. The core thread doesn’t appear to be stripped, but I’m not sure why it keeps backing out. Would using loctite help or be worse?

  3. The gear should align with the rack, which should also allow the set screw to contact the flat spot on the core.You can either use a file to remove metal burrs or remove the gear and install on the other core.

    If the gear wobbles significantly, after installing the Woodruff key and tightening the set screw, then the bore (hole) of the hub (or collar) is reamed. Easiest thing to do is replace the hole gear.

    The starting tooth should be relatively level with the rack. If too low replace the spring, if too high clip coils.

  4. Thanks Paul–I definitely know that sound is coming from the gear contacting the starting tooth of the roller rack. The gear was loose on the core, I tightened it, and it still made that sound. I didn’t think it could be my end screws, I checked those–and everything was tight. My question really is, WHERE on the core should the gear sit? Is it supposed to lie in that indented part of the core? There are so many marks from where the little set screw (I think that’s what it is called) has set on the core, that I’m wondering where exactly it should sit. I’m just nervous of the gear not lining up right with the form roller rack or worse, getting stuck.

    I did not think that the spring needs to be replaced–is there a way to check?
    Thanks so much,

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