The pedal on the press is sticking, I figured the grippers needed to be cleaned so I took that assembly apart and cleaned it, and the pedal is still sticking.  Not sure what to do!!

In another unrelated note (or maybe it’s related, who knows!), every so often, the carriage just stops for a second or so as it’s traveling down the bed. What could be causing that?

Thanks!  Carmela

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3 thoughts on “Universal III pedal sticking + carriage stopping”

  1. From your photo (added to your last comment), it appears that the shaft collar above the spring is not contacting the spring. Tightening the collar should provide the tension needed to raise the gripper rod.

  2. I rotated one of the cams by hand and it was super easy to turn, that did the trick, thank you!

    Re. the carriage issue–I’ll post a video soon. It doesn’t do it often, but it’s done it a handful of times in the past two or three times I’ve printed, and each time I’ve printed I’ve run approx. 100-125 pieces.


  3. I believe that you have the later, simplified gripper bar. These gripper pins have rounded ends that contact large cams (discs) inside the impression cylinder. The cams and pins can become dented from repeated contact with one another. Rotating one of the cams by hand shifts all of them so that the pins contact a fresh spot. The pins can be Rotated individually.

    Your carriage issue may be an electrical problem with a limit switch (microswitch) or possibly poor alignment with the limit cam (the adjustable rail that hangs from the carriage). Video of the far side of the press may help.

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