SOLD! Vandercook #4: $13,000.00 SOLD! Press On.

For sale is our beloved Vandercook #4. It is hard to say goodbye to this great press, but life changes mean it is time to find a new home.

I have given this press a lot of love and cared well for it over the years. Its great for stationery, greeting cards, and also posters and broadsides. Excellent for projects with wood type or lino cuts. Plus it’s very user friendly, making it perfect for classes or workshops as well.

The footprint lets it fit into a variety of spaces, and is a real joy to use. Standard 110 plug hooks into any typical household outlet.

We would love to see this press go to a good home, so that it is cared for and utilized for decades to come. It is currently in our studio in Richmond, VA and can be viewed by appointment.

Much Prefer Pick-Up Only

Here are the basic stats:

Model: Vandercook #4
Year: 1955
Serial #: 17324
length: 6’ 5”
width: 2’ 2” (2’ 10” with the crank handle)
Power: standard 110 volt plug (running a1/4 HP motor)
Weight: 1100 lbs

It comes with the following:

– 1 Box Car Base
– 20+ Rubber Base Inks (some barely used)
– 1 Vandercook Lock Bar
– Extra Tympan
– Extra Set of rollers
– 1 Line Gauge
– 1 Roller Adjustment Gauge
– Furniture
– Shelving for storing inks, supplies, etc.
– 5 Boxes Shop Rags
– Oil Can
– Mineral Spirits/Cleaning Supplies


Mobile: 804-586-3736

Overall this is a nice, smooth running, reliably complete Vandercook.

more detailed specifications on this model can be found here:

Vandercook Timeline

thank you

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