Universal III relay contacts…

Vandercook Universal III relay contacts

We have a Vandercook Universal III. I had a few spare relay contacts, but have just burned out a couple.

Anyone have an idea if there is a way to get these or does anyone know if you could adhere the actual contact?

I was thinking that maybe there was a way to get the whole relay or maybe get the contacts (disks) and weld(?) them on where they are missing. I’m not exactly sure if they’ve burned off or just fallen off. We do have at least a couple of the contacts (disks).

On the left is a new one. On the right is one that burned out yesterday.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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The Arm
10 years ago

Hello Ray,
Did you find some of these? If not, I can send you a few decent used ones that are in much better shape than the fried one shown here.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Eric Holub
10 years ago

The contact points do burn away with use. As they corrode it helps to keep the surfaces clean with a file or emery paper. The hollow rivet holding the assembly together suggests these were not meant to be taken apart and rebuilt, but just replaced.
The contact points are not simple disks, but instead have a post that is set into the assembly, maybe peened or perhaps a solid press-fit. You need electrical conductivity from one contact to the other so adhesives are out, but maybe silver soldering would work..

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