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Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

The wheels are called bearings. They are sealed, so you only need to wipe the surface that rolls on the under rails with a slightly oiled rag daily. Likewise, wipe the bed bearers (top rail) and cylinder bearers. Use SAE 20wt. Find it in the blue and white 3-in-One bottle.

Do not attempt to sand the stains away, which would create low spots.

Note also that this is a galley height bed .968″. This means that either you should place type high (.918′) printing forms on a .050″ bed plate or a galley. Otherwise, an additional .050″ worth of material will needed between the paper and the impression cylinder.

It you decide to have a bed plate made you will want cold-rolled steel. If this is more precision than you require, you could also place .050″ worth of binders board or a hard paper such as tympan.

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