Vandercook 219 Power – 3 phase to Single Phase?

I recently purchased a Vandercook 219 power, and I’m weighing my options on switching it from 3 phase to single phase. Is it possible to switch out the motor to a single phase motor, or should I just go with a rotary converter?


2 thoughts on “Vandercook 219 Power – 3 phase to Single Phase?

  1. Eric Holub - July 3, 2009

    You might consider a static phase converter. I thik they are cheaper and quieter. My own rotary phase converter is extremely noisy, but it needs to power a 5.5hp motor. But even the smaller rotary converter I had for a smaller motor was annoying.

  2. Nicholas Wilson - July 3, 2009

    Also, does anyone have a lock up bar for a 219 power? I’d really appreciate any people that might have one of these sitting around, or know someone that could fabricate one!

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